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About Dick Arms

Richard W Arms, Jr., is a financial consultant to institutional investors and a private portfolio manager based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is a noted expert in the field of technical and market analysis, the 1995 winner of the prestigious Market Technicians Award and the author of several best selling books and articles on his ground breaking theories in volume analysis and market forecasting. This key technical tool for understanding market price movement is listed daily in the Wall Street Journal and is flashed once a minute on CNBC.

Richard Arms' revolutionary theories have changed the way investors perceive the market. His expertise in the field of technical analysis has had significant impact, evidence of this fact is his Equivolume charting system is now part of the most popular stock and futures software, and his Arms Index - also known as the Short-Term Trading Index or TRIN - has become one of the most important technical tools of Wall Street.

Dick Arms has made "outstanding contributions to technical analysis and market forecasting he is one of only seven living technicians to have won the Market Technicians Association Outstanding Contribution Award." In "Trading Without Fear", Richard Arms shows investors how to make sound investment decisions "without succumbing to those two very powerful emotions": fear and greed. Learning to control those emotions in ourselves - while recognizing them in others - empowers us to capitalize on that knowledge. The result is informed investment choices, tempered by caution, and fueled by confidence and a strong desire to succeed.

Arms' powerful examination of leading strategies will enable the average investor to master successfully what is widely regarded as one of the most reliable methods of long-term market forecasting: volume analysis. Volume analysis is rooted in a original Arms theory - that volume plays as significant a role in understanding the markets as price movement. And volume is affected by the emotions at work in the marketplace. "The market is very complex. It is pushed one way or the other in varying degrees as a result of individual decisions of millions of participants. Some of those participants are acting logically and others are acting emotionally...it is the volume which is giving us the real picture of the emotions in the marketplace. Price tells us what is happening, but volume tells us how it is happening."

Mr. Arms has written five books on market and stock reaction to volume. Each is a monumental in technical analysis and forecasting.

Get an indepth look at how volume--not time--governs market price changes. Describes Arms' short-term trading index (TRIN), a measure of the relative strength of the volume in relation to advancing stocks against that of declines. Also shows how to use Arms' own system to forecast the price changes of individual issues as well as market indexes.

This landmark book on Equivolume Charting that described the methodology and its application for the first time - is available again. Presented in its original form, this is the classic that tied volume and price together, allowing investors to analyse not only the way in which a stock is moving, but the underlying pressures involved in that movement. And uniting volume and price into a single entry provides the investor with a unique view, unrealized in a traditional bar chart.

This innovative technique was the outgrowth of Dick Arms development of the widely known Arms Index, often referred to as the short term trading index (TRIN). The Arms Index work led him to the realization of the importance of volume as an analysis tool. Whether you're just learning about Equivolume Charting, hoping to get a more in-depth look into Arms' famous technical tools, or searching for ways to profit from the driving forces of the market - Profits in Volume is a 'must have' book.

Dick Arms has made "outstanding contributions to technical analysis and market forecasting he is one of only seven living technicians to have won the Market Technicians Association Outstanding Contribution Award. Dick is one of the few to have successfully developed indicators based upon trading volume. There are definitely profits to be had from studying volume, and about all you'll ever need to know on how to achieve these profits is in this excellent book." Bernie Schaeffer, The Option Advisor

Mr. Arms elegantly combines many different aspects of volume analysis in this book. Volume is related to stock market breadth via the Arms Index, and to price via Equivolume charting. Volume Weighted Moving Averages and the Ease of Movement Indicator complete the picture. If you are interested in how to quantify the driving force of the market, this book is for you."; John Bollinger, CFA, CMT President, Bollinger Capital Management Editor, The Capital Growth Letter

"Analysts and traders will acquire confidence and control fear through carefully studying and applying the unique insights available in Trading Without Fear. This book sums up much of the inventive genius of Richard Arms, the 1995 winner of the coveted Market Technicians Award. The famed Arms Index and other unique indicators including Equivolume, Ease of Movement and Volume Cyclicacity are presented in clear terms and in a logical progression filled with penetrating insights into how to profit in the market." - Henry O. Pruden, PhD Professor, Golden Gate University Executive Director, Institute for Technical Market Analysts"

His Equivolume Charting system is built in to the most popular stock and futures software. Now Arms succinctly explains the strategies underpinning volume analysis--an objective, emotion-free technical analysis and trading system that allows everyday individual investors to combine price and volume data for common stocks into a chart that reliably forecasts long-term market moves. Presents new material on ease of movement and volume-adjusting averages not available elsewhere. Helps investors eliminate fear, a constant cause of paralysis, from their investment decisions. The publisher, John Wiley & Sons

"The key to investment success, if there be just one, is the ability to remain emotionally detached. That detachment is only achieved through confidence. That confidence is only arrived at through knowledge. That knowledge is arrived at through thought, study, hard work, and experience. In this book, I will try to impart the knowledge and experience I have acquired over the last thirty years." - Richard Arms from the Introduction to "Trading Without Fear."

With his succinct analytical skills and unique approach, Richard Arms makes sophisticated investment strategies accessible to everyday, individual investors in his books.


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